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At Two Chicks Tasty Treats, our mission is to create mouth-watering goodies that bring happiness in every bite!

We strive to use local (Lake County, CA), seasonal and organic produce whenever we can as we feel that helps us craft the tastiest treats possible.  That means some of our treats are limited in quantity and may sell out temporarily until Nature cooperates and produces more tasty ingredients for us. We appreciate your patience and believe the wait really is worth it.

Please feel free to wander among the jams, butters, cookies and chocolates featured on our Products Pages where you have the opportunity to purchase our goodies and have them delivered directly to you.  Enjoy perusing the specialty items displayed on our Custom Cakes and Seasonal Items pages, and let us know what we can create for you!

We are willing to accommodate your special requests (such as our gluten-free cheesecake) and we're happy to answer any questions you may have for us. To reach us, email Contact@TwoChicksTreats.com or call 707-492-2277.

We are asking for help from all our customers!

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Featured Jam

Now offering Zesty Tomato Jam! Lake County Tomatoes marinated with jalapenos, lime juice, pepper flakes and spices tingle your taste buds!

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